CSS: Equally Spaced Horizontal Elements

Sometimes there are things you want to do in your layouts with CSS (Cascading Style Sheets) that you assume would be easy, but as you dive into the coding, it turns out what you thought should work just isn’t cutting it. Equally spacing elements across a horizontal area so that the first and last items are flush with the left and right borders respectively turns out to be a perfect example of this. For the lowdown on how to best accomplish this, read on! Read more CSS: Equally Spaced Horizontal Elements

Smart Design: Image Replacement

Custom logos and exotic heading fonts… two things that as designers we’re in love with when it comes to website aesthetics. That’s where image replacement techniques come into the picture but when it comes to maintainability, accessibility, and search engine optimization (SEO) they can quickly become problems if not dealt with properly. In this post I’ll talk about what needs to be considered and describe the technique I use the most. Read more Smart Design: Image Replacement

CSS3 Basics – Rounded Corners

Aaaah, rounded corners. One of those design elements that’s subtle and classy… but that used to mean running to Illustrator or Photoshop to generate, slice, optimize, and export images, merge them into a sprite and then finally place them into their containing elements with a careful juggling of x and y coordinates. Oh how glorious that this time robbing sequence of events is so close to being a complete thing of the clumsy ol’ past! Read more CSS3 Basics – Rounded Corners