Temecula Wedding Event Biography Marketing Videos

Video Adventures

Tech Details: Wordpress install with custom responsive theme, parallax frosted mirroring overlays, direction aware rollovers, custom modal pop-up video viewer
Deep Red

Deep Red

Tech Details: Wordpress and WooCommerce install with custom responsive theme. Professional grade shopping cart functionality.

Inland Valley Business Community Foundation

Tech Details: Wordpress + Buddypress install with custom responsive theme, Jquery animated slideshow, membership subscription system, social network for members, shopping cart, custom photo and video management

Here’s an example of a social network running on WordPress with the help of Buddypress. It features members-only access to the social network with subscription purchases directly integrated with Paypal, an online store for selling the communities products as well as customized photo and video management, event management with online event ticket sales, member chapters and blogging, etc.

Finest Women In Real Estate

Finest Women In Real Estate

Tech Details: Custom Wordpress and Buddypress installation with responsive parallax layout. Features private social network, membership subscription management, interactive custom gamification system to reinforce site interactivity and membership involvement.
building solid foundations

Building Solid Foundations

Tech Details: Custom Wordpress install with integrated social networking, membership subscription management, event ticketing and bulletin board forum software (BuddyPress, s2Member, BBPress). Fully responsive custom theme with slideshow.

Trinity LED

Tech Details: Wordpress install with integrated client access portal and management software. Direction aware JQuery and CSS3 rollover animations, custom responsive theme

ZE Photography

Tech Details: Wordpress custom install and portfolio style theme design, fully responsive animated portfolio slideshow

This is a photography portfolio style website showcasing the visual concepts of the photographer. The layout and theme was designed to the client’s conceptual specifications and of course with it running on WordPress he has the ability to easily and quickly manage it’s contents and photos. One of the client’s requests was animation of the gears in the corners when scrolling, and I was able to accomplish the task with pure CSS3 and Javascript, no Flash required! It also features a blog and custom “storybook” entry solution. The slideshow is fully liquid and resizes in realtime to best fit the screen or browser size on any device.

Eating off the Vine

Eating Off The Vine

Tech Details: Wordpress Custom Install and Responsive HD Theme, Homepage photo slider and featured posts, Recipe manager, Youtube video manager, Events manager with Paypal ticket reservation integration, eShop shopping cart and online catalog solution integration
Sara Zamperlin

Sara Zamperlin

Tech Details: Responsive HD Custom Wordpress theme, language switcher, various "FancyBox" image galleries, per-page background image selection

Compucare Computer and Network Solutions

Tech Details: Custom Wordpress installation and responsive HD theme, custom responsive slideshow

A high-definition (or “Retina” for the Apple oriented!) and “responsive” WordPress theme, meaning it’s layout and interfaces adapt to the viewing device whether it be desktop, tablet or handheld/mobile for an optimum user experience in all situations. In fact all of my custom themes are now always HD and Responsive, as any good modern website should be! This client is also highly recommended for all your computer maintenance (especially preventative), security and networking needs, whether business or personal!

Fellowship of the Vegetable

Fellowship of the Vegetable

Tech Details: Wordpress blog with custom responsive theme and custom feed reader

This is a classic example of a modern WordPress blog, with a custom responsive theme designed to client specifications. The theme includes a custom “About Me” widget, as well as an RSS feed reading widget which displays items that are for sale on a separate client owned site (also built by Golden Apple Web!)

Studio 23 Bologna

Studio 23 Bologna

Tech Details: Wordpress install with custom theme, Jquery animated slideshow header, language switcher, audio player, customized discography management, client log-in account management.

This is a WordPress install with custom theme that I designed for an audio post-production studio in Bologna, Italy. The layout mock-up I generated in Illustrator along with the logo. The end product features most of the layout elements recreated with pure css3, a practice I am very happy to engage in more and more as all modern browsers’ css3 support rounds out! Like many of my custom WordPress themes it features a Jquery powered slideshow in the header, a custom discography manager, audio player, language switcher and client log-in account management  (including a large file transfer service built in!)

Global Disinfestazioni

Global Disinfestazioni

Tech Details: Wordpress install and custom theme design, JQuery powered editable slideshow, coupon management system and contact forms.

A brochure style website for an italian extermination company, the layout for this site was designed in Photoshop to client specifications and converted into a WordPress custom theme. It features a JQuery homepage slideshow which the client can edit from the WordPress back-end administration pages, and a coupon management system allowing the client to regularly update the site with special offers  for their clients which they can print and distribute as needed. A call to action contact form is also found on the site’s front page.



Tech Details: Wordpress install with custom theme, pure css3 animated header, language switcher, shopping cart, audio player.

The original version of this site I hand coded in php with a custom database but with the visual overhaul I moved the entire site to a custom WordPress installation. I personailzed the functionality and designed and coded the custom theme which features a nifty pure css3 animated header (no Javascript or Flash!!) I also included an integrated language switcher, full e-commerce solution with shopping cart, discography and video management, audio players, and contact forms.


Rustblade Label and Distribution

Tech Details: Wordpress custom install with eShop powered e-commerce solution, pure CSS3 based header animation, JQuery powered slideshow, custom theme development.

Here’s an example of a larger scale project I recently completed for an independent record label using the WordPress code-base as the CMS (content management system). It features a robust e-commerce solution with online store, shopping cart, and catalog stock management, artist roster management, news posts management, and more. All of these are easily run by the client from the Wordpress back-end administration pages. The graphic artwork that frames the site was provided by Matteo Nuti, a graphic illustration master, which I developed into a custom WordPress theme.