Trinity LED

trinitylogo-smallFeb – May 2014 Billing Overview:

Current Total: $30.00Due now

$10 – Shared server hosting, support: billed quarterly, next bill on May 15th 2014.

To Be Billed on next billing cycle (5/15/14):
Hourly Charges:
$25 – 1 hour (3/7/14) Created additional product meta data tables: IES LM-79 pdf file downloading per product. Modified product templates to display downloads. Modified PDF (print) stylesheet to exclude downloads from product pdf.


Design/Development Project Payment History:

Final Payment: $2070.00PAID 3/07/14, Thank You!

2nd Payment: $2070.00PAID 1/21/14, Thank You!

1st Payment: $2760.00PAID 1/10/14, Thank You!


Project Overview:

PDF: Project Proposal – Trinity LED